Yoga and its benefits to the soccer player

April 21, 2020

Yoga for Soccer Players

Mind and body, on the soccer field

We have previously talked in our Official Blog OnTheBall about the importance of not only following the best exercises with the best soccer training ap, or having the best shoes or the best coach. Your body, even if it sounds a bit hackneyed, is a temple and you must take care of it to be able to perform on the court.

You are not just muscles, or a treadmill. You need a clear mind that allows you to innovate with tactics and surprises your opponents, and for this, you need to reinforce your performance and flexibility.

Did you know that many of the injuries in soccer are due to poor warm-up and flexibility? Or that the way you breathe can minimize your playing time and response?

Just as we talked to you about going out to play on the beach. Doing Yoga if you are a soccer player brings substantial benefits to your performance on the soccer field. And your soccer coach has probably already told you about it.

The Benefits of Yoga

- Improves blood circulation that provides oxygen and nutrients to the different organs and tissues of the body.

Health is vital for us soccer players, although I want to highlight this of the circulation since with that we can prevent injuries that are closely linked to the circulation of the blood, and the proper functioning of the arteries.

- Improves the flexibility and mobility of the body, progressively eliminating muscle contractions and chronic pain, and revitalizing the joints and tissues of the body.

Improving flexibility is one of the first clear benefits in the practice of Yoga. During the first class, you probably won't be able to touch the balls of your feet with your hands, much less bowing in the cobra pose. But if you put yourself to it with effort, you will notice a gradual loosening, and eventually, some positions that seem impossible to you will be possible at last.

In soccer practices we do some basic flexibility exercises but Yoga gives us soccer players greater flexibility, which allows us to be able to perform much broader movements with less difficulty.

This also prevents us from injury. Especially the most common in soccer that are sprains (excessive stretching of the ligaments) in the ankles and in the knee. Doing Yoga you will have a wide variety of flexibility exercises for the knees and ankles.

- Awareness of the body itself, its functions and its needs.

Well, this is also very important, as the previous title says, you will become aware of your body, your capacity, that is, you will know yourself much better, you will acquire much more control of your body mobility, as you progress you will be much more physically agile. This is even linked to a practice called Mindfulness, which also has great contributions to the mental clarity that you require on the court, and that you see in players like Vincent Kompany, James Milner, Shaun wright Phillips or Ian Wright seeing them play so easily. and mental dexterity, more than physical.

- Reduction of stress and anxiety, Yoga techniques act on the nervous system, relaxing it and giving it the necessary rest. In this way, the constant increase in anxiety and stress levels is prevented.

This is vital for playing soccer, being rested, relaxed ... to have a good game or to attend a training session.

- Learning to relax mentally and bodily, learning that later serves to face everyday problems and difficulties in a serene and harmonious way.

Sometimes on the court, there are stressful situations. From arguments with other players, and unfair referee or the pressure of soccer fans in the stands. Can you imagine playing before 50,000 spectators in Major League Soccer or the Premier League, and not feeling intimidated or stressed?

- Improves mental concentration, because unlike conventional physical exercise, in Yoga each movement, and each breath is an act of awareness focused on the body itself.

In a soccer match, you need a great capacity for concentration so if you are absent-minded, distracted, yoga is the essential thing for you, it will help you to be "piles" to be ready to know what to do when a ball comes to you, among others ...

- Learn to breathe correctly and naturally.

Breathing for the soccer player is extremely important. Learning to breathe properly not only increases the amount of oxygen that your muscles and brain demand in an intense game; Rather, breathing properly can help you recover more quickly after an intense sprint race. If you lose your breath while running, or tire easily, you are probably breathing badly and not getting the oxygen you need. You may get dizzy or pass out

As you can see, on OnTheBall, it's not just about having the best soccer training app. We want you to be an excellent and successful soccer player on the playfield longer, with no injuries.

Continue reading our Official Blog, we will be supporting you with more tips and information so that you shine on the pitch.