The rise of women's football in the world...

April 21, 2020

women playing soccer

There is no doubt that soccer is now the most beautiful sport ever

Every day we see more and more girls and women playing soccer not only in schools but at a professional level in the leagues of each country.

Although it is true that one of the obstacles for soccer in its feminine version to finish taking off was attendance at stadiums and, of course, the promotion of both sponsors and the media. This has already changed, for the good of the sport.

The fight for gender equality increasingly reaches areas in which a century ago would have been unthinkable, and sports such as soccer and tennis are among the great beneficiaries of this. The grace and strength of women on the field are today at the height, if not beyond in some cases than the men's version of the sport. The full stadiums and the transmission of the matches confirm this.

Names like Sam Kerr, Alex Morgan, Dzsenifer Marozsan Amadine Henry, Lieke Martens, Lieke Martens, Megan Rapinoe, Marta, Chloe Logarzo and Melissa Barbieri are not only on the lips of fans of both genres alike but on posters. of girls' rooms that aspire to play in the Major Soccer League or Premier League.

Women's soccer teams today are followed with fervor, and where before they only talked about Barcelona, ​​Manchester or Milan; Today we hear lovingly talk about the Matildas in Australia.

Gender inequality is more than ever an issue we must overcome

As in Tennis, players today possess not only the same technical dribbling skills, or surprising tactical team plays, but they have enviable levels of fitness for any male soccer player.

Professional coaches who previously did not contemplate the women's leagues to work have turned and started training the new soccer stars for not only love of the sport but for the increase and potential that the women's league is achieving in the world.

However, there is still a long way to go on the issue of equality. After the 2019 Women's Soccer World Cup, one of the great topics of discussion was the subject exposed by the American soccer team player, Megan Rapinoe, about the salaries paid by Major League Soccer to female players. The salary of the 2019 champions, who were dominating the entire championship, and who have already won several world titles recently, is just a fraction of the male soccer player in the United States.

This situation is not exclusive to sport in the United States or other countries, it is general to other sports also in which the female counterpart gets much less salary despite filling the stadiums in the same way and generating the same fans and follow-up as men.

In Tennis, in recent years the prizes for professional players have been rising to the male level; and curiously it has been from the hand of the main male players like Roger Federer that this has been possible.

Could it be that the great male soccer players, as gentlemen, must demonstrate the same courage and fight for the equality of their counterparts?

Certainly, OnTheBall supports all girls who aspire to excel in handling the soccer ball and the field. We have included ambassadors in our videos, such as Chloe Logarzo and Melissa Barbieri in an effort to encourage and accommodate women in the sport.

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