How To Choose Your Soccer Cleats?

April 21, 2020

Soccer Cleats

Under your football shoes, the soccer cleats are, apart from an excellent physical condition and great technique, the only tool take out with you go out onto the field.

The shoes have become an iconic part of fashion, the look of professional players and the projection of the brands themselves. However, although the adjustments and technical advances of the boots have gone hand in hand with the colors and shapes, without the cleats underneath them; they are simply useless.

But where did it come from? And what changes have the cleat undergone over time?

England is the birthplace of the game and therefore it stands to reason that the soccer cleat originates from England.

Did you know that the first soccer cleats were used by King Henry VIII?

Because soccer was not a sport at the time, not much is known about Henry's passion for soccer and it surprises many that he would have been passionate about it. At that time, the game that today would be considered soccer had few rules and many fouls.

As the game grew in popularity in England over the next 300 years, this practice became popular among the working class, and obviously, without resources, it is not surprising that the first soccer shoe was just that, a leather boot for factory workers with just long laces.

To gain a gaming advantage, the workers boot evolved to include studs at the bottom to help with traction and certainly serve as a warning to other players trying to steal the ball.

This resulted in the implementation of Rule .13 of the England Football Associations in 1863, which established that no one used protruding nails, iron plates, or gutta-percha on the sole of their boots.

Leather studs began appearing in the late 1880s. The Football Association incorporated the use of studs in the rulebook in 1891. The rule stated that any tack should be made of leather and not project much more than an average inch, its clasps should be flush with leather.

These early soccer cleats have evolved into the soccer cleats we all know today.

The biggest changes to the classic black soccer cleat have been most evident since the 1920s. And while there were small independent companies that made soccer cleats, the industry changed forever in 1924 when Adolf and Rudolf Dassler started their Factory shoe store Dassler Brothers in Herzogenaurach, Germany. The company's first boot was aimed at sleds, but Adolf, known to Adi, had a passion and love for all sports and quickly developed a soccer cleat that had 6 or 7 replaceable, spiked cleats, which could be changed according to weather conditions. of game.

Soccer cleats have continued to evolve constantly, as well as the boot itself to be able to dominate the soccer ball in amazing ways as we see in prominent players like Messi, Ronaldo,Vincent Kompany, James Milner, Shaun wright Phillips, Ian Wright, Tim Howard or Didier Drogba.

But, can you imagine some of those players skating on the grass without the grip and stability that the cleats allow? Certainly, bloopers at football games in the Premier League or MLS soccer would be extremely fun, but the injuries to these players would be terrible and the game would not be as attractive as it is today.

Where are we going now? What is the next revolution in sports?

Soccer has come a long way from the time of Henry VIII to today. Technology has brought great strides to players, from their boots, the field surrounded with electronic sensors, to online soccer coaching apps.

The new revolution in soccer is at the level of soccer training apps. As the soccer shoe evolved, so has the training of the sport making accessible to any amateur player to the best soccer coaches and professional players. Training Apps like OnTheBall are revolutionizing the sport, making the best techniques and coaches and players accessible to anyone. If you have the talent, the passion and the gear; downloading this online football training application from your iPhone or Android is an investment in yourself to raise your level of play. As the soccer cleats give you grip on the ground, OnTheBall gives you that same security of getting the best out of you with exercises and techniques so that you can become the next king of the “beautiful sport”.