Benefits of beach soccer for a player who takes it seriously

April 21, 2020

Benefits Of Beach Soccer

Soccer is not always to be taken seriously or as a bland, automatic routine. Getting off the court and looking for new playing fields is not only creative, but it also has its advantages. Playing soccer on the beach is not only an escape, but it really has advantages that you will later have in your favor on the field of play.

Playing on the sand puts the whole body into action.

If you are on vacation or need an escape from the routine, the view on the beach is not only attractive but highly effective. The effort of running on the sand supposes an additional effort that

It moves your legs and circulates the blood from top to bottom. However, the sand offers resistance that will increase your condition by requiring greater muscular effort. This muscular effort leads to strengthening them, which will be less prone to injury at the time of the game. In addition, the sand is an excellent shock absorber for your spine and falls, so you can avoid football injuries when falling on the ground game.

In times like this, it can be difficult to follow a work methodology since it is difficult to see your soccer coach regularly or your teammates.

Overcome the terrain and its irregularity.

Beach soccer fosters technical skills, due to the irregularity of the 'playing field'. Playing barefoot stimulates your foot's sensitivity to contact with the soccer ball, forcing you to gain greater control over it without shoes and soccer cleats.

Likewise, the irregular terrain forces you to maintain greater concentration and attention to the soccer ball and to create alternative plays to overcome this natural barrier that the terrain offers. Aerial plays are one of the preferred techniques because you want to avoid the sand on the beach. The resistance of the arena itself helps with explosiveness and attack reactions.

Creativity. As we said earlier, improvisation is born from the difficulty of the terrain. Certainly in beach soccer, the rules are a little more relaxed and the atmosphere is a little less tense than in an official game of the Major League Soccer- MLS or the Premier League, so you have a little more freedom to create your own rules and relax a little.

The atmosphere is not only relaxing on the beach but healthy.

Playing at sea level has other advantages, such as blood oxygenation, cleaning your lungs from city air; as well as stimulating the production of vitamin D by the action of the sun.

Your brain also benefits from the increased concentration of oxygen in the blood, thus reducing the risk of developing cerebrovascular diseases.

Besides, you can get a little tan and wear a different look for your fans ;)

Make friends and learn from them.

Playing on the beach otherwise presents an opportunity to meet new friends spontaneously who, when they see a soccer ball, come closer like moths to the light of the lamps. Be nice, get to know people!

Soccer is a passion, and while we want to improve ourselves by applying ourselves with a regular and formal training program, getting out of the routine and leaving the cones, rebound walls and whistles aside is exhilarating and refreshing.

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